You may not realize it, but nightstands are essential pieces of bedroom furniture. They serve so many purposes including storage and balancing the room. Solid wood nightstands are an ideal option because they are durable and can meet your needs best. They come in a variety of styles and have various features, so do you know what to look for in solid wood nightstands?

Solid Wood Nightstands Buying Guide

Solid wood nightstands are the perfect complement to your bedroom. Remember to consider the overall surface area. You plan to put things like lamps, alarm clocks, and even books on top so there should be enough area to display vital things. Solid wood nightstands tend to accumulate things you want within reach when you go to bed. This is when drawers come in handy. Drawers and shelves give you space to store all necessary items away and out of sight.

When it comes to materials, you know solid wood nightstands are a great choice because of their durability. They withstand abuse and can be accented with metals for a more contemporary look. Solid wood nightstands are also great for supporting heavy lamps and items like books. Additionally, finishes can help cleanse the palette of your room. Darker finishes tone down bright rooms while lighter woods reflect light


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