You will spend 1/3 of your life in bed. It should be a place that is warm, inviting, not to mention incredibly comfortable. A good quality bed will lead to better sleep and better health. That doesn’t mean you should skimp on style though. Solid wood beds are a worthy investment that will bring style and function to your space.

Buying a Solid Wood Bed

Whether your style is more rustic, traditional, or even contemporary, there is a solid wood bed in Edmonton that is perfect for you. There are a variety of finishes and wood types that will provide you with the look and feel you are going for. Solid wood beds are strong and built to last. They can become heirloom pieces you hand down for generations.

Solid wood beds come in two types: softwoods and hardwoods. This matters when it comes to price. Softwood is more readily available and less expensive overall. Types of softwoods include cedar and pine. If you’re looking for solid wood beds that last longer invest in hardwoods. These include birch, cherry, and mahogany among others. While these are more expensive solid wood beds, you can find some stained to look like their more expensive alternatives.

Other things to consider are size, color, durability, and storage. You appreciate the craftsmanship it takes to create solid wood beds. If you’re looking for solid wood beds in Edmonton, Solid Wood Superstore has knowledgeable staff ready to help you find the perfect one to rest your head on.

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